Payors FAQs

  • What is Renaissance Physicians?
    Renaissance Physicians is a citywide provider-owned and operated Independent Physician Association (IPA) made up of over 1,300 Primary Care Physicians and Specialists who serve the needs of approximately 45,000 patients in Houston and Southeast Texas.
  • What makes Renaissance Physicians different?
    Renaissance Physicians has a unique model of healthcare that minimizes healthcare costs, maximizes member options and ultimately improves health outcomes. Renaissance Physicians gives your members access to a broad network of physicians and specialists. Unlike other clinics that restrict their patients to a few locations, Renaissance Physicians is in their community. Renaissance Physicians can offer a wider network at a lower cost because its unique model encourages highly engaged physicians that are directly invested in the outcomes of preventive care.
  • How can our business work with Renaissance Physicians?

    Renaissance Physicians is currently part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield VBIP (Value Based Incentive Plan), Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage, Cigna CAC (Collaborative Accountable Care), Cigna City of Houston, Cigna-HealthSpring Medicare Advantage,

    Aetna Medicare HMO and PPO, Humana Medicare PPO. If your business is not a participant in either of those plans, please contact your health plan and ask them about the Renaissance Physicians Network or contact our management company directly.