Provider FAQs

  • How can I apply to be a participating provider?

    Houston area primary care physicians and specialists are encouraged to submit submit a Letter of Interest to Renaissance Physicians. Click to submit. Your request will be reviewed at the POD level for network need, and you will be contacted by the management company within 30 – 60 days.

  • What is Renaissance Physicians?
    Renaissance Physicians is a citywide provider-owned and operated Independent Provider Association (IPA) made up of over 1,300 Primary Care Physicians and Specialists who serve the needs of approximately 45,000 patients in Houston and Southeast Texas.
  • What makes Renaissance Physicians different?
    For over ten years, Renaissance Physicians has been dedicated to providing patients with a stronger doctor-patient relationship, one that focuses on coordinated, preventive care that improves patients’ quality of life. Renaissance Physicians providers believe in the power of coordinated care because they have seen the benefits their patients have experienced. Their dedication to delivering the most effective and caring medicine through team communication, preventive care, and patient education, doesn’t just change healthcare, it changes lives.
  • How can being a Renaissance Physicians member benefit my practice?
    Being a member of Renaissance Physicians connects you with a unique model that can help you improve patient outcomes. It also allows you to be part of a peer group of elite, like-minded providers and grow your practice through referrals. Additionally, the Renaissance Physicians model also maximizes cost efficient practices and higher capitation rates.
  • What resources are available to me as a Renaissance Physicians provider?
    Renaissance Physicians providers are given support so they can focus on what matters most, their patients. Renaissance Physicians providers are supported with information on industry trends, billing requirements, actionable data, marketing support and more.
  • What is an IPA?
    IPA is short for Independent Physician Association. An IPA is a network of independent physicians who work closely together to provide better coordinated care for patients through enhanced communication and quick responses to patient needs.
  • What is a POD?
    Physicians Organized Delivery Systems (PODS) are groups of physicians (PCPs and specialists) geographically centered around a hospital whose referral patterns usually remain within the same geographic physician community. This makes referrals much easier.
  • What is a referral?
    A referral is a communication tool shared between the referring physician (which is often the PCP), the specialist, and the member. For specialists, referrals effectively communicate the diagnosis and treatment request as well as other pertinent clinical information that is essential in effectively and efficiently treating the patient. For the patients, it provides the name and address of the specialist. This tool fosters PCP and specialist collaboration prior to the visit to ensure the best outcomes.